Swimming Goggles For Triathletes

Swimming Goggles: Advice For Triathletes

A good pair of swimming goggles is essential if you are a competitive triathlete; they could make a difference between a gold and a bronze. As the trend in open water swimming keeps showing terrific growth, correct information on the sport goggles is a must. I am going to talk you through what goggles are best for you and why.

You need to look for a pair of goggles that are comfortable and fit your face properly. You also want to make sure that you have a pair of goggles that do not affect your visibility whilst in the water. An obvious but important point to remember is that you want the goggles to stay on your face and not let any water in. It is often tough to find a pair of swimming goggles that are comfortable but do not let any water in, because they do tend to pinch around the eyes. Please note, that some goggles might be suitable for an outdoor pool but not for an indoor pool so do a little research into this before you decide on a pair of goggles.

To put it simply, you need are a pair of swimming goggles that:

  • Are comfortable
  • Are strong
  • Do not let water in
  • Provide good visibility
  • Mirrored or Tinted to reduce the glare of the sun

Our recommendations for Swimming Goggles for Triathletes:

Speedo Speed Socket Mirrored Goggles

Speedo Speed Socket Mirrored Swim Goggles

There a few pairs of swimming goggles that we recommend to you triathletes out there.

First off the Speedo speedsocket mirror goggles: they are very reasonably priced (you will find that most triathlon goggles are) and they get the job done providing good visibility under water and a good fit to most face shapes. The seal on these goggles is very good; usually no water gets in. They can be a little uncomfortable which is the only downside.

Zoggs Predator Swimming Goggles

Zoggs Predator Swimming Goggles

Another pair that is highly thought of are the Zoggs Predator Flex goggles. These are well known for their comfort, they fit well and are fog resistant. They are an all round good pair and provide everything you need.

Both the pairs of goggles recommended to you are engineered for speed swimmers and are worn by triathletes and competitors everywhere.

Speedo Rift Swim Mask

Speedo Rift Pro Swim Mask

Another trend in the correct goggles needed for triathletes is the need for bigger lenses with more of a mask shape. Thus increasing visibility, many new styles are starting to adopt this, such as the Speedo Rift Pro Swim goggles and the Cressi Seal goggles, so we expect to see this trend continue.

However you will not know the right pair of goggles for you until you try them on and test them out. As long as you follow our above guidelines and find a pair of swimming goggles that fit the key points, you cannot go wrong.

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