Sports Fishing Technologies, Old & New: Fish Decoys

To  begin with, fishing technologies – the tools and tricks of the trade that have been used to catch the creatures of the sea and fresh waters – should include both new and old.  New tricks of the trade come into play; yet many, if not most, are “old hat,” rehashed into new forms, to get the attention  and land those “big ones “ of the deep.

To land trophy sized fish is, of course, the greatest dream of all fishermen and anglers.  An old and indeed ancient form of these tools of the fishing trade are “Fish Decoys.” It has been the case over many years that “ fish decoys” are primarily  functional objects used to attract big fish – primarily  pike and muskies, for the purpose of spearing them through holes drilled in the winter ice.

What Matters is How the Fish Decoy Swims:

Since this function is no doubt the primary purpose in this sport, even the beginning carver can successfully complete a decoy on the first attempt.  This is as long as the placement of weight and hardware is basically correct. It should not be the major consideration as to whether the fish decoy carving looks exactly like the authentic appearance of the live  fish. What matters for the most part is whether the fish  in your favorite fishing run are attracted to the target fish decoy.   More, and significantly just as important, is the actual movement and action of your toy.  Does it “swim properly?”   That is the key.

Often the Fishing Decoys Bear No Resemblance to the Living Species They Portray:

Indeed, if one takes the time to examine  examples of fish decoys constructed and employed to catch fish, it’s true  that many of them don’t even actually resemble the living marine species, or even come close.  Instead, what can be said of the craft is the artisans who lavishly work on these products concoct lures that are highly stylized in both colour and design.

At the same time, not all of them are simple and primitively made , for there is also the tradition  of realistic fish decoy carving that challenges the expert woodcarver as well as the novice.  Many carvers go out of their way to copy every detail of a particular species, hoping that the more accurate their fish decoy is, the better it will attract that elusive fish below the surface of the water.

Anglers & Expert Fishers (Men & Women) Are a Unique Breed:

Fishermen and ladies are a particular breed.  To some, a day spent on the water is a day of relaxation. To others, it is the friends and fishing buddies at their annual tournament that makes it so enjoyable.  Finally, others enjoy tinkering and adjusting with the mechanical fish decoys which will lure that fish to be caught on the line and finally landed.

About the Author

Carmen Q. Roo lives to fish.  He often notes that the worst day spent on a fishing charter on the water is always better than the best day spent back home working at the office.  Carmen will also tell you that its great to spend a weekend on the water with your sports friends.

Yet if there is one thing Roo lives for and looks forward to is the annual May fishing tournament held  off Puerto Morelos in  the warm Mexican waters of the Gulf of Mexico .  It seems that the saint Cesar Martin Rosado lives on in each of the contest participants.

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