Safety Guidelines for Riding Water Tubes

Participation in water sports mean big splashes and big fun. Riding on a watersports tube, also known as a towable, is one of the easiest water sports activity you can try. It’s a uniquely exciting and unforgettable experience that the whole family can enjoy. Being towed by a boat, speeding across the lake or ocean on a water tube, can be as much fun as wakeboarding or water skiing— without the added stress of needing to stay perfectly balanced on top of the water.

Water tubes are a very good way to enjoy the outdoors and the fresh air. And riding on towables can help you improve your strength and coordination skills.

The following guidelines will help to ensure that you have a safe towable tube experience with your family and friends:

Wear Lifejackets

Wear a life jacket at all times. Even if the water looks shallow, it can be dangerous. Currents beneath the surface can flow quickly, making it difficult for you to recover and return to the surface if you fall in the water. Use coast guard approved life jackets to ensure your safety, and make sure they fit properly.

Know how to swim

The basic to any water sport activity is to know how to swim. If you have swimming skills, you are much more comfortable in the water, and are not a great risk for others with you. Most communities have locations where you can learn how to swim. Contact the YMCA or  a local community center to learn to swim before you go out in the water.

Regardless, when you ride on a towable tube, as stated above, wear the appropriate life jacket.

Know the equipment

Airhead Hot Shot Water Towable Tube

Choose a good brand towable that is reliable and safe. Airhead, which is owned by Kwik Tek, has a wide variety of towable tubes that will make your experience fun and safe. There are many different styles, and sizes for multiple riders – from 2-3 towable riders up to 4-6 tube riders. One of the most popular this season is the Airhead Shot Towable Tube.

Always use water toys as directed and follow instruction manuals. Be sure to have repair kits and electric pumps available to repair any rips or tears, and to keep the towable properly inflated.

Know the riders

While tubing, you have to keep in mind the people who are on riding on the water tubes, as different people prefer different levels on speed on which they travel. Sharp turns, high speeds, and big waves can be fun, but they might not be as safe for children, or timid riders.

Use a secure tow line

When on boating tubes, make sure that the tow line is always secured before take- off. Be sure to only use the specific rope that is designated for towing inflatable tubes, and for the number of riders. You will also need to check for signs of wear, tear, and fraying.

Sun Protection

You have to keep enough sunscreen with you at all times to protect your skin from harmful UV rays. Since you will be in and out on the water, you need to re-apply sun screen during the day. Wear sunglasses as well to protect your eyes from harmful ultraviolet sunlight, and wear a hat to protect your scalp from burning.

Check Weather Forecast

Check the weather forecast before embarking on a tubing trip. Rainstorms can be dangerous when you’re stranded on the lake or sea; lightening storms can be even more dangerous. If you are caught in a bad storm, head to shore immediately. You can check the National Weather Service for updated weather conditions in the area. NOAA link

Avoid Alcohol

Just do not drink anything that contains alcohol. Alcohol blurs the judgment, which can be detrimental in case there is an emergency. It is advisable that you avoid intake of alcohol before any water sport activity.

Most of all make sure everyone on board knows all the basic safety guidelines. Riding a towable water tube can be a great adventure if you have a good towable from a known brand, and if you use good common sense along with the appropriate safety measures.

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