Things You Should Do For Safe Boating

Thanks to the BoatUS Foundation for continuing to provide useful information with regards to Safe Boating. This is the start of the series that will cover several important items.

Hi! My name is Chris Edmonston with the BoatUS Foundation. Today, we are going to talk about safe boating.

Today, it looks like it’s going to be another great day on the water. Being out on the water means enjoying nature, having fun with your family and friends or just enjoying the solitude of being out on your own. Before you even get out on the water, there’s many things you can do to make sure that your trip goes even better than you can think possible.

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So things we are going to be covering today are weather and how to judge weather even you should be out on the water.
We will also take a look at life jackets, different sizes, styles, and types that you can use for your boating adventure.
We will also take a look at navigation aids once we hit the water.

On the way we are going to stop and get some gas and we will tell you how to both, fuel safely and cleanly, so it doesn’t affect the environment.

We will take a look at the special issues like Homeland security and what you need to know to avoid getting into trouble on the water.

We will also look at boating under the influence and things you need to take into the consideration before you have a drink out on the water.

Before we begin, let me tell you about a little bit about me and the BoatUS Foundation. I am lifelong boater. I grew up right on the Chesapeake Bay, been boating my entire life, I’ve owned just about every kind of boat you can think of. I worked for BoatUS for the last fifteen years. I am also an instructor for the United States Coast Guard Auxiliary.

The BoatUS Foundation, which was formed in 1982, is dedicated to teaching people how to boat safely, and also in an environmentally responsible manner. Boating is a great activity and it’s a lot of fun. And our tips today are going to help you get the most out of your time on the water.

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