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One of the nice things about owning a boat is the option to going out to eat at a restaurant on the water, and getting there by boat!  There are many new trends growing in areas along the coast, or island locations, that allow for the mixture of boating and restaurants.  Hopefully there will be more to come.

A multitude of new and even classic restaurants along coastal area with access to the water are installing docks or new attachments to their docks to allow boaters access. Many boaters are taking this opportunity to go out on the water for the day and dock at a restaurant on the bay afterward for a great meal overlooking the ocean.

We have enjoyed going to several restaurants by boat when we are visiting Grand Cayman.  Here are a few of our favorites:

Rackam’s Pub

One of our favorites in the Georgetown area of Grand Cayman is Rackam’s Pub. During the week, the dock is busy with tourists and cruise ship passengers, but it’s perfect for our Sunday brunch meal. After church, we would head back to the condo to change into our bathing suits, load up the boat, and head around the point to Rackam’s Pub. The dock area is tall, and not very accommodating for our smaller size boat, but we are able to get one of the guys out first, and then step our way up to the deck landing area. It was always fun, and we made a lot of memories.

You can also swim and snorkel in the area right by the restaurant.  There is a ladder with access to the bay for easy access in and out of the water.  Right in that bay is debris from a sunken ship, so there are lots of fish around to see while snorkeling.  There are also a bunch of big tarpon in the dock area, and the staff will throw out the scraps from fish into the water, creating quit a stir among those tarpons!

The food is great too. We tend to find something we like, and stick with it; that’s the case at Rackam’s. We get a bowl on red conch chowder, and then split a grilled mahi-mahi sandwich – just perfect for that afternoon meal. Others enjoyed stir-fry or burgers, or fish and chips. It was always a fun time – traveling by boat made it even more enjoyable.


Kaibo - boat pier

On the other side of the island is Kaibo, which is across the North Sound from where our boat is located. It actually is very accommodating for boat traffic – it has a long pier with boat slips, and shallow water where you can pull up and anchor at the shore when there are large crowds. It’s got a great little beach, picnic tables, beach volleyball, and other neat areas that give you things to do if there is a wait for a table. Again, our favorite sandwich is a grilled mahi-mahi, but they also have great salads; all their food is good. There is also an area to gas up your boat right next door, which is very convenient.

Calypso Grill

Calypso Grill

Our most favorite restaurant (right now) is Calypso Grill, at Morgan’s Harbor off North Sound. It has a couple of piers in the area, for boaters and fisherman. The atmosphere is incredible: the normal clanging of dishes and pans in a restaurant is replaced by the call of sea gulls, the crack of shells, and the waves gently rolling into shore. Calypso Grill has a great set-up, with interior and exterior dining available. We love to sit outside, as close to the water as possible. You can look over the railing and see fish, and some stingrays from time to time.

Whether you’re looking to spend a leisurely day on the water with family or you’re planning an exciting fishing trip with friends, one of the most perfect ways to top off the day is by cruising your vessel into a bay or canal containing one of these jewels and enjoying the sunset eating some of the freshest seafood man can attain, from the very waters you just fished or sailed.

Also, you should always be mindful of the seasons: certain fish or shellfish species are only available during specific times of the year.

So enjoying your boating trips, and add some great dining experiences to your day out on the water Bon appétit!

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  1. […] Hope you have a great trip – here are restaurants we enjoy: Casual – of course, Sunset House is great – we love the red conch chowder & fish sandwich. Sunshine Suites – across from Westin is also great – good fries, sandwiches, soups… use to be a secret – now we try to hit off times; Eats is also right there – good food; Legends Bar next to it with TVs, etc… Our favorite is Calypso Grill! Out on Morgan's Harbor – North Sound; Love their Wahoo Escovitz. Call to make sure they are open – they close one month during the fall. Enjoy! Restaurant Dining by Boat | […]

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