Wakeboarding – An Exciting and Fun Water Sport

Have you seen them at the beach or at the lake? They skim across the surface of the water with such ease. Look there…did you see that? That person just did a flip and landed back on the surface of the water without falling back into the water. He made it look so easy; it makes me wonder just exactly what is involved in this water sport.

What is Wakeboarding?

Wakeboarding is a fairly new water sport that has its roots in water skiing, snow boarding and surfing. This water sport marries towing by a motorized boat from water skiing, the wave tricks that come from surfing and the design and control of the board that come from snow boarding to create an exciting new way to have fun in the sun and on the water.

What is involved in it?

Participation in this water sport pretty much involves a reasonable level of fitness, strong arms and an attitude that doesn’t care if you get wet and that accepts that you will likely make a fool of yourself in the beginning as you learn the sport. If you’re like me, you’re probably thinking that it is hard to learn. I have some experience in water skiing attempts but could never get my body out of the water due to lack of upper body and arm strength. But, if you’re more fit and have the upper body strength, it is easy to learn and one should not necessarily be intimidated by it.

Safety Precautions

Of course, as with any sport, there are some safety precautions and safety equipment that are required. Also as with any water sport, a personal flotation device (PFD) is required. An assigned “spotter” is also required in the boat to keep the boat driver abreast of the whereabouts of the wake boarder at all times. Other duties of this person include watching for other water craft and any other potential hazards that might be found in the water. It important that all passengers in the boat also be aware of other water craft, swimmers and the tow rope to assist the boat driver in anticipation of potential threats, hazards or dangers for the wake boarder or others on or in the water.

Start Slowly and Safely

When you first begin to learn to wake board, you’re going to want to do all of the tricks that you have been watching others do. But, please exercise caution and patience. It is important to begin slowly and learn the proper techniques for getting out of the water, standing up on the board and staying upright on it. Once the basics are learned and you develop a “comfort zone” with these basics and learn how to control the board, you will then be able to safely experiment with tricks to enhance your wakeboarding experience.

Wakeboarding can be an exciting and exhilarating experience if you simply observe the basic safety precautions and take the time to learn the basics. Is the thrill-seeker in you game for this new water sport? Come on…give it a try!

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