How To Properly Inflate A Raft

Thanks to AIRE, and Sheena, for providing the proper sequence to inflate a raft.

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Hi, I am Sheena and in this segment I will be demonstrating the proper sequence to inflate your raft.

First step, make sure that all your valves are closed. That means the stem is in the up position. This allows the air to get in, but does not allows the air to get back out.

The correct sequence for inflating your raft is not all the way around the raft as you go. It is actually in a cross pattern.

I am going to use two different types of pumps today. I am using an electric pump we have got for the shop and I’ll also be topping it off with our hand pump or barrel pump.

So I have got the boat right now inflated to soft pressure. I am going around in the same pattern and top it off to full pressure. The reason why we use this pattern is it keeps all the air cells in their proper place.

At this step, I am going to go ahead and inflate the floor and the thwarts. As I top off the floor when I go back through, I might hear a “hum” come out from the pressure release valve. If that release valve is going off at 2.5 psi, that means your floor is nice and tight. When you hear that “hum”, stop inflating.

At this step, I am going to top off the raft to full running pressure and be sure that I close all the lids so water doesn’t get in the valve as I am on the river.

Close the lids, I am going to get it on there and tighten it to just finger-tight.

That is how you properly inflate your raft.

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