How to Properly Inflate Your Kayak

Thanks to Sheena at AIRE  for providing information on how to properly a kayak.

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Hi, I am Sheena and in this segment I will be demonstrating how to properly inflate your kayak.

First step, make sure all your valves are in the closed position. This means that the stem is up. This allows air to get in but does not allows the air to get back out.

I am going to use two different pumps today. I am going to use an electric one and then I am going to use the hand pump to top it off. You could do this whole process with just a hand pump.

To start off, inflate your entire boat to soft pressure. Right now I have got the boat on soft pressure. My next step is going to be to take the hand pump and top it off to full running pressure.

Next step, be sure to close all your valve caps. That way, you’ll be sure not to give any water or debris inside any of your chambers. Just close it to finger-tight.

That is how you inflate your kayak properly.

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