How to Perform a Slow Speed Slalom with a Power Boat

Here are tips on show to steer your boat through a maze of obstacles.

The slow speed slalom exercise is designed to teach a boater how to change course accurately, by applying the correct amount of steering control. We need to maintain control of all parts of the boat to make sure they clear any obstacles. An inexperienced boater will have a natural tendency to over steer the boat, and when that that happens, directional control can be lost.

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“As we approach the slalom at slow speed, as you round the mark, slowly and deliberately ease your wheel in the direction you wish to turn. As we round the second mark, turn the wheel back in the opposite direction, slowly and gradually, until you pass the mark. Continue through the entire course repeating those maneuvers.”

This maneuver will build confidence, familiarity and the ability to effectively handle your boat. Our key point is, avoid over steering by applying gradual and deliberate movement on the wheel.

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