Keeping Your Boat Maintained

It’s important not to underestimate the long term rewards that regular boat maintenance can provide. While there may be an initial investment of time and money, in the long run these costs are generally returned through increased boat value, lower running costs and less repair work needed. Below we’ll go through some of the things that can help.

Regularly changing the oil

Boat motors require regular oil changes at recommended intervals. Although the intervals are generally the same, all motors will have a guidebook or manual that can provide more detailed information on when the oil will need changing.

Cleaning your boat often

Cleaning your boat is vital to help protect it against the damage that weathering and saltwater can do.  A lot of people don’t realise that a clean hull can actually increase the efficiency and performance of the boat leading to lower fuel costs, making cleaning you boat a very rewarding process. Not only will your boat look better, it will run better.

Checking your handbook

One of the most important things you can do before performing any maintenance on your boat is to read through the handbook that comes with it. This will outline any basic maintenance you can perform yourself and give you instructions on how to carry this out.

Checking your propeller

As with a dirty hull, a damaged propeller can also impair performance and should be checked regularly. There are plenty of objects in the water that can cause damage to it without realising, and regular checks can help to prevent costly or untimely incidents. Check for nicks and dents, and also look out for any cabling or wire that may have become tangled around the propeller.

Regular servicing

The handbook will again be your guide when it comes to regular services. Regular servicing will increase the resale value of your boat, improve general performance, help to prevent costly breakdowns and bring you peace of mind.

With so many electronics on board you need to make sure that sensors are working correctly and providing you with accurate responses. An incorrect reading from your fuel level sensor is potentially a lot more dangerous at sea than on the road. Making sure these readings are correct is really vital, and regular servicing can help make sure you are safe.

Each boat will have a lot of specific and general maintenance tasks that can help increase the boats lifespan and value. A few have been touched on here but there are plenty more. Just like with cars, investing your time into maintaining and looking after your boat is vital, and will most likely end up saving you money and time in the long run.


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