How to Inspect and Maintain Your Boat Ropes

Inspecting the ropes on your boat is an important thing to do. Read more about this below:

Hi, I am Albert Hedgepeth with Expert Village and today we’re going to talk a little bit about boat maintenance.

One important thing to think about, whatever you are doing with boat management and maintenance, is your ropes.

The boat ropes are not only going to help you tie up the boat, but you will also use them with the anchor, and you can use them as life lines.

It is really important to make sure they are in good condition so that your boat is where you left it, whenever you come back.

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An easy way to figure out if the ropes are good is not only to check them visually for dry rot, but to run your hands across them. Make sure there are no burrs or anything stuck in them, or that have not been cut by sharp objects. You also want to go ahead and make sure that in the places where they are spliced together, that they aren’t peeling apart and that the components are actually staying woven together; otherwise you could lose your boat.

With cleat marks, you want to make sure there is no hard or sharp spots that are actually going to cut your rope while you are moored up. And you also want to check them periodically, just so that they don’t lock up, and dry rot from being in one position.

On the boat itself, you should check the cleats where you are attaching the ropes, just to make sure that they too don’t have any really sharp spots and that the cleat itself is not cutting the actual rope material.

Most of the time, if you look over your ropes visually and you do an inspection every 6 months to a year, usually you have pretty good luck and you can maintain your ropes pretty easily.

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