The Health Benefits of Swimming

health benefits of swimming

Swimming is good for your health

It is often said that swimming is the best form of exercise that you can do, as it has benefits not only for the physical body but also offers an overall sense of wellbeing.

It is a sport that can be enjoyed by all age groups and all ability levels.  If you have never been involved in any sport before, or have physical and/or movement issues, it can be the best thing for you to start with.

But why is swimming so good for you?  What are the health benefits of swimming?

Physical Benefits of Swimming

Swimming is an activity than can be enjoyed across an entire lifetime.  Many times the hardest part of having swimming as your preferred sport is generally getting to the pool and preparing to enter the water, yet the benefits of doing so make the effort more than worthwhile.

Whilst in the water the physical act of swimming works almost every muscle in the body, especially if you perform a few different strokes while you are in your swimming routine.  Not only does it improve muscle tone and flexibility it also goes a long way to improve overall fitness levels by providing both cardiovascular exercises and also endurance skills.

One aspect of physical health that it does not directly impact is bone density.  Improvements in bone density can be gained with weight bearing exercise; one of the things that makes swimming so good is the whole aspect of being weightless in the water, which would not affect bone density.

Reasons To Go Swimming

If you are lacking enthusiasm, and need a good reason why you should drag yourself off the sofa, pay attention to the following information.

Swimming can be a fun social activity; it doesn’t have to be a solitary sport. Your can always join swim clubs or find another friend who would like to swim laps with you in the pool or ocean.

Think of the benefits to your lungs and your heart that swimming will provide. Other sports can cause you to feel pain in your joints from the impact of your feet hitting the ground when you are running, or swinging a racquet around; there is none of that with swimming. There is no high impact, no jarring of the joints and no breathless and sweaty end to a gym session; all there is is you and the water and the freedom of movement that you will never be able to experience on dry land.

It is one sport that the whole family can enjoy together.

Swimming Regularly

When you regularly take to the pool, you will be building up your endurance levels, boosting your muscle strength and improving your cardiovascular fitness levels. If you still like to spend time in the gym, a few lengths of the pool can be a great way to get your muscles warmed up before you hit the gym equipment.  It can also serve as an excellent post gym activity too, as it encourages the movement of blood through the muscles and helps them to recover from your workout faster. Plus the water is a great place to relax and let your cares just float away for a while, all of which adds to your feelings of well being after a swim.

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