Boating Tip: Winterizing Your Boat

Make every trip a safe return trip. I’m John Gullock from Canadian Power and Sales squadron, and it’s time for another safe boating tip.

Today we’re going to talk about winterizing your boat. This is something that comes sooner than you think.

First of all, your oil. Make sure you change your oil before winterizing. This will avoid any residue acids in the system and it will clear out any water that might freeze during the winter.

In terms of your fuel, make sure you add fuel stabilizer to your tanks. Make sure your tanks are nearly full, but not quite, to allow for expansion in the spring when things start to warm up. This will also avoid extra condensation.

If you’ll stabilize, it will mean you won’t be having to get rid of used and spent fuel in the spring time other than being able to use it in your actual engine. Paying attention to winterization will add years to the life of your motor. It’ll also mean that things will go a lot faster in the spring time.

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