How to Choose Your First White Water Rafting Trip

White water rafting is a very fun, and exciting way to spend a vacation. There is nothing like traveling at a fast speed through the open water with friends and family. This adventure sport will help put back excitement in your life and create a great level of confidence. However, some key risks can also be associated with this great sport. People, especially newcomers, must understand the proper safety hazards involved with white water rafting.
White Water Rafting trip
When planning your first trip there are several things that you must keep in mind. Paying attention to these details will encourage an enjoyable and safe trip.

Locations for White Water Rafting:

When picking a white water rafting trip location, it is important to determine your rafting experience level. If you are a beginner, make sure you look for white water rapids that are under control and safe. Some locations will have rough rapids in which the water comes at a very fast pace; these type of locations will be difficult for beginners. Other locations have calmer rapids that are easy for a beginner to navigate.

Safety When White Water Rafting:

Safety is a major concern amongst white water rafters. When picking a first time trip, the individual must make sure that they are going to be rafting on beginner-friendly waters. As stated above, there are major dangers involved in this sport. Sometimes people rafting for the first time will visit places in which top rated experienced guides can be used. Rafting guides will work with large or small groups to make sure all members are safe while rafting. These guides should be trained to manage the rafting trip and provide good safety strategies.

The guides can also help the group progress into more advanced techniques while in the water, which will make the trip more fun. Make sure that the river guides are certified and have knowledge in the field.

It is also important to make sure that you pack all the necessary safety equipment for the trip. Items such as first aid kits, sun block, emergency food, life vests, helmets, paddles, and water are crucial for having a good trip.

Ages for White Water Rafting:

When planning your rafting trip, it is important to understand what ages of people will be coming along. As stated above, safety is a very high priority. If groups plan on bringing young children on the trip, they need to understand that they may not want to raft in any rough waters. The children may want to go fast while rafting, but also may get scared of the rough waters. Groups need to keep this in mind because you don’t want to go on a trip with dangerous waters if you have young children with you. The children may get scared and then not want to have anything to do with the rafting adventure. An unhappy child can ruin the entire trip.

The same rule also applies for older people as well. Some seniors may feel uncomfortable if the rafting tour is held in rough, fast water. The seniors may opt for a calmer ride.

Determine your Fitness Level for White Water Rafting:

Fitness is an important part of white water rafting. If members in the group are active, then rougher waters may be the more fun option. If the group is very sedentary, than picking calmer waters may be the best option.

Some rafting trips have the guide doing most of the work. This trip will help the rafters be as active as they want. Picking the proper paddle boat that will suit your needs may be based on determining if the group is active or non-active. Some boats are designed for everyone in the group to work hard, while getting a good workout. Other boats are designed for rafters with a lower fitness level to work less. Fitness levels must be determined for every person in the group.

One major mistake in white water rafting is choosing a raft that requires a large amount of work output, thinking that everyone in the group was physically fit. In many cases it is important to choose an easier raft if only a few people in the group are physically fit.

It is important to remember that, while being fun, white water rafting can also be a very tiring activity. Make sure that the people in your group are free of any major health conditions. It is recommended for participants to see a physician before performing a strenuous activity.

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