How to Buy Speed Boats: Speed Boat Resale Value

As we approach boating season, here are some tips on buying a speed boat, and the resale value when you want to move up!

Some of the popular brands for speedboats are Chaparral boats, Sea-Ray boats, Bay-Liner boats, Maxum boats, Rinker boats, and Sea Swirl boats.

What makes these boats popular is that they’ve been around for forty to fifty plus years, and their marketing.

They’re a proven fact that, when you buy a product from these companies, you’re going to have something that’s built well; the company is going to stand behind it.

You can buy it and have fifteen, twenty years of enjoyment on it and it’s still built well,;it’s not falling apart on you after a couple years and the resale value has dropped.

When you buy a good name brand boat and you go to turn around and sell it in five to ten years, which is an average use of a powerboat or a speedboat, you have to consider resale value when you purchase something. Because, if you’re going to buy an off brand just because you saved a couple thousand dollars, and you end up losing lots more down the road, that’s something definitely to consider.

When someone goes to purchase anything the day you walk it off the lot it’s definitely going to depreciate; just like any toy, any vehicle, any speedboat.

What you want to look at is the quality of the product. If it is thick fiberglass, thick carpet, thick upholstery, thick vinyl. How is the color-scheme on it? Is it something that’s going to be out-dated in four or five years? If it is something that’s real radical that you like, and in four years no one else likes it, it will be a tough sale.

If you’re going to get something that you’ve seen on the water before and has had proven history of being repetitive, the blues, the blacks, the reds, the yellows, and it offers the speed, in five to six years you’re going to be able to sell that boat because it’s still going to be popular. That’s what you want to look for.

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