Why Visit a Boat Show

Hi, this is Keith, the boating guy and why would you want to visit a boat show?
Well, there’s 3 primary reasons I would buy a boat at a boat show.

The first is at a boat show, you’ll see lots of variety of boats. Lots of different models will be all over the place. Lots of dealerships are there. So, dealer A and dealer B may be right across the aisle from each other and it creates a lot of competition. As a consumer, you win when there’s a lot of competition there.

The second reason is that’s the time of the year you’ll get your manufacturer rebates, and the best price on a boat. So, if you’re looking for a really good deal, a boat show will typically be the best deal of the year on a new boat.

The third reason to visit a boat show is the timing could be just about perfect. Most boat shows happen in January or February. All the year old boats are going away; all the new year boats are being ordered and placed so the new ones are there. So timing wise, it could be perfect to get a really good boat at a really good deal.

So, remember, when you visit a boat show, you tend to get a better deal and you’ll see the most variety of boats. Well, good luck no matter where you go and I hope to see you out on the water.

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