Where to store your boat

Hello, I’m Keith the boating guy.

One things you really need to learn about is where you store your boat and what kind of options come up from the storage of your boat.

The first things to consider are budget, convenience and availability. Now if you’re in the process of buying a boat – or even if you just bought a boat – discuss these options with your local dealer. A lot of local dealerships as well as marinas have all kind of options for storage when you’re buying your boat.

Now then, there’s really 3 different ways you can store your boat.

Number one is Trailering. It’s the least costly. You also get the added advantage of allowing you to boat on different bodies of water whenever you want to. So, if you have a place to store your boat, you can keep it in your garage, your backyard, or where else be and you have a way to tow it, trailering can be your best option.

The next thing is Rack Storage. This keeps your boat in a covered shed. You can schedule the time with the facilities to use the boat. A lot of places call this “splash service,” which means you call the place 24 hours before you want to use the boat, they put the boat in the water for you, you come and use your boat, deliver it back to them, and they come and put it in the storage shed.

The third way to store your boat is at a Marina. It is the most convenient and your boat stays in the water, ready to go whenever you are, but it’s also the most costly. Some marinas even offer connections for electricity, water, Internet, TV and other services. Marinas can be a great way to have fun and get families together and have parties or cookouts right there on the dock. You know, some locations even let you buy your slip, so it becomes a long-term asset for you.

Either way you do it, do a little research before you get your boat. Good luck, I hope to see you out there.

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