How Much Does it Cost to Buy a Boat?

Hello, this is Keith, the boating guy, and how much does it cost to really buy a boat?

Well, you know, you can finance a boat for less than $200 a month. According to the National Marine Bankers Association, a $15,000 loan today costs about $142 per month on a 10 year term. As a matter of fact, the standard loan for an automobile in the United States is 5 years where the standard loan for a boat in the United States is 10 years. So, you can finance your boat out for a longer period of time and make your payments much less than they are for your car.

You can also finance gear for your boat, including all electronics and any gadgets you may want for there. You should work with a marine lender, a lender who specializes in marine loans. For example, the National Marine Bankers Association, they understand boats and are likely to best serve your needs. You can find one by visiting or talk to your local dealership. A lot of dealerships are a member of their organization and they can finance it right there at the dealership. So, good luck no matter what you do, hope you get that boat! I’ll see you out in the water.

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