Why to Buy a NMMA Certified Boat

Hi, this is Keith, the boating guy. Today we going to talk about NMMA certified boats.

NMMA is the acronym for National Marine Manufacturers Association. Let me just start by saying that NMMA is a voluntary program for boat manufacturers. NMMA developed certifications to help boat buyers identify quality built boats. The fact is, all boats built in the United States meet minimum standards set by the U.S. Coast Guard. However, there is a more complete set of boat quality and safety standards put together by the American Boat and Yacht Counsel (ABYC) and these are the standards NMMA uses for qualification.

NNMA certification covers more than 30 categories, including stuff like flotation and fuel, steering and electrical systems; things you might not be thinking about when you’re shopping for the boat but are really important for the boat’s performance. Also, to become certified, boats must pass tough 3rd party inspections, which means you’re not just taking the manufacturers word. You have independent proof the boat has been thoroughly tested.

The good news for consumers is that about 90% of boats made in the U.S. meet NMMA certification standards.

So the question is, why buy a boat that meets the minimum, when you can buy a boat built buy a manufacturer that goes the extra mile to ensure his boats quality and reliability.

How can you tell if a boat is NMMA certified? One way is to look for the NMMA certified logo on the capacity plate near the boats hem. Or ask your dealer; he should know and should be able to show you the NMMA certified logo somewhere on that boat.

When you’re ready to buy a boat, buy with confidence. Choose an NMMA certified boat. Good luck with all your boating and good luck with all your shopping. Hope to see you out on the water!

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