What Boating Courses Should I Take?

Hello, I’m Keith, the boating guy.

One of the questions I hear quite frequently is, “What boating courses do I need to take?” Well, one of the first things I’ll tell you is you should learn the basics of boat operations and safety before you head out for your first trip. Each state has different boater education requirements, so please check with your local agency for the regulations near you.

Now there are home study options and online courses available plus two great organizations offering classes, including the Power Squadron and the US Coast Guard Auxiliary. Both of these offer classes at your local community center near where you are, as well as online and even at boat shows. You also can check out BoaterEd.com, BoaterExam.comBoatSafe.com, and BoatUS.org for boating courses.

Now once you have taken a course, you may actually save money on your boaters insurance. People have told me that they saved 10%-15% off of their boaters insurance by simply taking a course.

Good Luck to you, see you out on the water.

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