Benefits of Garmin Nüvi 200 3.5-Inch Portable GPS Navigator That You Need to Know


Review of Garmin Nüvi 200 3.5″ Portable GPS Navigator

Garmin nuvi 200 3.5-Inch Portable GPS

Garmin nuvi 200 3.5-Inch Portable GPS Navigator

Traveling and exploring different states in the U.S. is fun and rewarding. You can dip your hands in different cultures, know the people, or even simply frolic in the white sandy paradise of Hawaii. Or you can even visit other countries like Puerto Rico and experience the sights and sounds. But before you imagine further, plan first on what you need to bring and this includes a reliable portable navigator like Garmin Nüvi 200 3.5-Inch Portable GPS Navigator.

Garmin Nüvi 200 is just like your travel assistant. It comes with pre-loaded City Navigator NT maps of the continental U.S., Puerto Rico and Hawaii. But aside from its obvious function of showing and directing you the distance and miles to your destination, it also never hurt to have a stylish and sleek navigator that is loaded with different features that suits your preference and needs.

Garmin nüvi Custom POI (Points of Interest)

Garmin nüvi Custom POI (Points of Interest)

You can view the data or information you seek in its touch screen display, and you can also navigate your way using its preloaded maps with options for 3D or 2D viewing perspective. More so, it is loaded with over 6 million lists of different tourist destinations, restaurants, hotels bars, clubs, ATMs, fuel and many other points of interest (POIs). Supported by NAVTEQ map database, you can search POIs by category or names or use its voice directions and turn-bу-turn navigation. This intelligent gadget even alerts you when you near POIs making you avoid missing a stop, turn or diner that is in your itinerary.

So, you want to know more on how this GPS navigator works? If yes, then further read my review on the different features of Garmin Nüvi 200 3.5-Inch Portable GPS Navigator and know why this GPS system fits your preference, style and navigational needs.

It’s All in the Specs and Features of the Garmin GPS Navigator

Garmin Nüvi 200 3.5-Inch Portable GPS Navigator’s ultra slim and sleek design only measures at 3.8 inches (width) x 2.8 inches (height) x 0.8 inches (depth) and weighs 5.2 ounces. It is powered by a lithium-ion battery with battery life that can last up to five hours, yet it depends on how frequent you use it. It also comes with a car power adapter, but in case you run out of battery, there is no reason to fret – just recharge! But aside from this, other specs and features of Garmin Nüvi 200 3.5-Inch Portable GPS Navigator that you need to know are:

Garmin nüvi Screen information

Garmin nüvi 200 Screen information

• Garmin Nüvi 200 is equipped with a highly sensitive GPS receiver that is also WAAS-enabled.
• It is also comes with a slot for SD card and a USB interface that lets you store different information and download other navigational tools including your photos.
• Its easy to use interface is also one of Garmin Nüvi 200 advantage; it has a simple and easy to navigate screen.
• You can check the time on different zones with its world travel clock.
• It has a currency converter that enables you to know how much your USD is currently worth.
• It comes with a measurement converter in case you need one.
• It has a calculator that can help you keep tab on how much you are spending or overspending.
• It has a Garmin Lock and a feature against unfortunate thievery.
• You can select from a wide array of car graphics for that personal touch. This lets you see the position of your vehicle on your digital map.
• You can tailor fit your Garmin Nüvi 200 for your various travelling needs like installing plug-ins for Garmin Savers Guide and Garmin Travel Guides.
• It comes with a viewer for JPEG images.

Garmin nüvi Easy to use JPEG viewer

Garmin nüvi 200 easy to use JPEG viewer for stored pictures

• Display screen resolution is at 320x 240 pixels with anti-glare feature that enables you to view it in different lighting conditions.
• QVGA display screen size is at 3.5 inches diagonal and lets you easily navigate through its interface
• You can enjoy navigating through voice instructions.
• It comes with a USB connectivity.
• It has a built-in antenna.

What’s included in the box?

Garmin nüvi 200 in the box

Garmin nüvi 200 in the box

In every Garmin Nüvi 200 3.5-Inch Portable GPS Navigator box, you get the unit of course, then the preloaded City Navigator NT, power cable that can be used in your vehicle, slide-free suction cup windshield mount, vehicle power cable, user’s manual and guide, and the dashboard disk.

Available Accessories?

The most popular accessory purchased with this portable navigation device is the Garmin Portable Friction mount. Other accessories available are:

• CCity GPS Windshield Suction Mount Mount w/ Ball Socket Cup Mount & Bracket
• Garmin Nüvi Case Black EVA Hard Compact Carrying Case
• Garmin Nüvi AC Wall Adapter Charger

What others have to say?

Garmin Nüvi 200 is a must-have travel gadget that is compact but loaded with helpful features. So, other users of this GPS navigator say a thing or two about how superb is its compact design, easy-to-use interface and other features for that easy and smooth driving and travelling. More so, other users also have something to say on how Garmin Nüvi 200 works for them like:

Garmin Nüvi 200 offers precise directions making it ideal for every traveler
• It provides helpful features like dictionaries for foreign language and travel guides
• Its preloaded database of POIs are excellent
• Plug-in is easy-to-use
• It has a clear screen even when viewed in sunlight
• Excellent software

How much is a Garmin Nüvi 200 unit and where can you buy it?

Garmin Nüvi 200 3.5-Inch Portable GPS Navigator is priced at around $193 and its price commensurate its superb features and function. The Nüvi 200 unit is by far an affordable option as compared to other navigational systems that cost close to $400 USD or even more.

However, the price varies depending on the online merchant who sells Garmin Nüvi 200 units. By far, offers more competitive among other online merchants who sell the same. Aside from the competitive price at Amazon, it also comes with free shipping within the U.S. And 42% of the people who look at this GPS on Amazon purchase this navigation unit.

Summary of Benefits of the Garmin Nüvi 200 GPS unit

So, when you are planning to explore other parts of the continental US or spend some relaxing time surfing the sea in Hawaii or even peacefully prolific in the sun and sand, bringing along Garmin Nüvi 200 3.5-Inch Portable GPS Navigator will help you enjoy your vacation with ease.

The benefits of the Garmin GPS unit include:

• turn-by-turn navigation will enable you to navigate to your destination with ease and efficiency
• compact and sleek design that’s easy for you to carry
• dictionaries for use in foreign countries
• access to tourist information for you to choose from
• reasonable price
• sold via Amazon – the #1 online store that stands by every purchase

So click on this Amazon link and order one today! Shipping is free!

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