5 Fishing Destinations that Will Reel You In

Best Fishing Destinations in the South

Let’s face it: there’s a lot of great fishing in the south. From the Gulf of Mexico coast to the inland lakes and rivers, it’s really hard to go wrong if you enjoy fishing in the south, particularly if you want to catch big fish.

But that doesn’t mean there isn’t a “best of the best” when it comes to the south. In our attempt to quantify just that, we identified five such spots that should be on your “bucket list” when it comes to putting away some great big fish. So let’s take a look at these spots and see if you don’t agree with our selections.

Smith Mountain Lake, Virginia

This reservoir lake is one of the most renowned fishing spots in the United States – forget about the south! Not only do people go to Smith Mountain Lake to find the fish, but they come for a variety of reasons; it’s a true family destination that great fisherman like to use as a getaway for their own obsessive hobbies as well. It’s renowned for its striped bass, which is why so many people have dubbed it an “angler’s paradise.” If you’re starting a list of best fishing destinations in the south, you start at Smith Mountain Lake, Virginia – period.

Boca Grande, Florida

We can’t talk about fishing in the south without a visit to that tropical geographical protrusion known as Florida – in particular, Boca Grande, Florida is known for its Tarpons. Tarpons are an exciting game fish, and they’re known to come especially big in Boca Grande. Considering they weigh over 230 pounds, you’ll probably want to schedule Boca Grande on your next fishing trip if you’re looking for a true trophy fish.

Hatteras Island, North Carolina

A beautiful destination for people ranging from beginners to expert, Hatteras Island makes for a great visit up to the southern end of the mid-Atlantic coast and shows you just how prevalent the warm waters of the Gulf Stream are in terms of making for important fishing destinations. Wait for low tide and you’ll see just how amazing a fishing area Hatteras Island can be.

Habersham County, Georgia

Perfect for trout fishing, this is one of the destinations we wanted to throw in there to see if you were paying attention. You’ll find great inland fishing here, even though there’s plenty of deep-sea fishing to be had off of Georgia’s coast. Because not many people know about the trout fishing of this particular county, you can really reel in some major whoppers that will impress the neighbors.

Birdfoot Delta, Louisiana

If you’re a marine biologist at heart, the Birdfoot Delta in Louisiana is where you want to be – its different rivers and tributaries meet with the Gulf of Mexico in a variety of ways, attracting all sorts of life. It’s a great, versatile challenge down in Louisiana and is a good excuse to make your way down to New Orleans on the trip, as well.


Thanks for this Guest Post from Paul Moore.  Paul is a long time enthusiast of the Smith Mountain Lake area, a region known for it’s incredible beauty and popularity. Houses along the lake are a home-owner’s dream, with access and amenities uniquely suited for lakeside living in this area famous for movie sets such as “What About Bob?”

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